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2nd Jun, 2009

gwen red

Oops long time, no type.

Just realised that I haven't actually posted to this journal for over a year!

Shit. I don't understand why because I usually find it somewhat relaxing to type up anything silly or exciting that's happening right now.

Maybe it's because my flatmates, as lovely as they are, haven't given me a minute's peace.
Or maybe I just had more people to talk to this year.

It's not like I haven't done enough to write about. I've been seeing almost a show a week!
And with my cinema card I'm basically living there. Bliss ^_^

Well here's to made scribbles to keep me sane.

C ♥

19th Mar, 2008

gwen red

Botswana Babeh!

Hell yeah! Father dearest has booked our flights to Africa! Can't friggin wait!

*happy dance*

Grampa Hoppy and a young Auntie Suesue ♥

I hope my poor Aunt and Uncle are ready for the tornado of teenage angst my sister is going to be bringing their way. *gulp* Three whole weeks in the bush trying to keep her from murdering mum and everyone else from murdering HER. But still *happy dance*...

On yet many more happy notes: There is only 22 days until my birthday which means there is 19 days until another Barrowman event. The Tour. Did I mention I love living in Cardiff?

*cough cough* I love living in Cardiff.

Also I have tickets to Lee Evans AND Michael Buble. City living truly rocks.

Now for politics revision, lots of media writing, sleepovers and dvd fests.


7th Jan, 2008

giggle jonathan ross

It's Behind You!

Unfortunately this is true. Six months has flown by and the wonder that is John Barrowman in panto has come and gone. *heavy sighs all round then giggling insues as memories rise of Mr B's dirty mouth/mind*

Once again he was a pleasure to witness as he is totally in his element. Watching him corpsing is the cutest thing I've ever seen! He seems to live for the moments when something goes awry and he can use the situation for another dose of hilarity. Sure the storyline isn't oscar winning but it's PANTO! The actors are being paid to uphold a tradition which centres around good old-fashioned family fun (with innuendo for the adults of course)!

This year it was the Birmingham Hippodrome which was blessed with Mr Barrowman's talents and what a worthy venue. It's absolutely stunning if a bit of a maze when your travel buddies haven't allowed you to fangirl and stake the joint out before the performance! Of course it was moi that managed to convince three friends they needed to travel to Birmingham for a pantomime XD My hair brained scheme are always appreciated afterwards. This trip was no different when two of the girls thanked me with tears of laughter glistening in their eyes.

So thank you Mr Barrowman for another outing of joy. Now for the tour.

Another Weekend Of AwesomeCollapse )

It's just a shame I have one less thing to look forward to!

Roll on Torchwood S2/John's Autobio/The Magic Flute/John's Tour... ummm I'm sure there was something else! Well that's enough for now :D

C ♥

3rd Dec, 2007


Blessed with a visit at last!

It's just two weeks until I'm home for Christmas and Siriol, my bestest buddy ol' pal, finally travelled the many miles to spend the day with me in Cardiff, bringing her lovely friend Sam along for the ride. It's been a whole two months and a half since the beginning of our UNI journeys and in that time I've travelled to Carmarthen (the land of drizzly rain and evil cows *cough*long story*cough* ) to see her three times.

The Adventures of Sam and SiriolCollapse )

Bill Bailey: TinselwormCollapse )

Hoping to see Stardust for the FOURTH time this week! AND Siriol's hoping to make it too! The lucky sod gets a month off for christmas (yes I know she didn't get a reading week but STILL) so this is her last week! *mind wanders off to think of Mr Cox*


Nos da. ♥

21st Nov, 2007

gwen red

Torchwood Spotting!

After missing every rumoured filming that's been going on in Cardiff even though I now live here has been getting a little embarassing until finally last night I hit the Jackpot!

(apologies for corny joke)

ANYWAY... my mate asked me to meet her from work at about 8pm and as I was dashing through the pouring rain I spied one of the Burnt Tree vans and almost tripped over. I carried on running and there was a whole army of them and lights everywhere. Becuase I was late I kept going but made a mental note to drag my mate back after. Of course, she was hungry so we stopped in Mcdo's and I figitated until she got a move on and I dragged her back.

If you know Cardiff it was between the Cardiff Market entrance and the arcade entrance down the way from Waterstones. As we approached I crossed my fingers and laughed at my friend who was still scoffing fries, 'What if John Barrowman's stood right behind that car?'. I seem to be able to jinx anything because no sooner were we 3 feet away from the car when that certain american accent drifed over to us and my friend forced her fries and milkshake into her handbag.

What kills me is that my camera (an extra limb in my case) broke on Friday (yes the day before the JM and GDL gig *seethes) so I was still without it yesterday... *brakes down to tears* BUT my wonderful fries-scoffing friend had a really good lil camera on her phone yay! and she eventually plucked up enough courage to come with to ask for a photo. I was lucky enough to get Gareth as well because I did puppy dog eyes at John and he called him over but then he wandered off again when my friend went for hers! She relaxed a bit because John and everyone was so friendly and felt more comfortable about standing around.


and my mate

After the snaps we thoroughly enjoyed freezing our derriers off for a few hours watching the filming, that involved Eve Myles at that point, going on in the little church garden and the antics the actors got up to between takes.

All in all quite a succesful and lucky night! And I needn't hide my head in shame anymore, wahey :D

27th Oct, 2007

gwen red

The Little Mermaid on Broadway Icons

These images are so gorgeous I just had to do something with them so here are 33 icons of the new Little Mermaid Broadway Musical:

EDIT: oops doubled up on two icons!


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Under The SeaCollapse )

Enjoy ♥

5th Oct, 2007


Studying Charlie Chaplin!!

I've had THE most incredible first week in UNI! I adore my lecturers... most of them anyway and the classes sound like they're going to be so much fun. My creative writing class is full of wonderful people and our lecturer is the best in the faculty! Mrs Barrie Llewelyn originally from Los Angeles :D she talks like me: fast and crazy!

I didn't think after Barrie's lecture I could be any happier with a tutorial but then we ended up watching the legend himself Charles Chaplin, in one of my favourite movies, Modern Times, in my Comparative Media History lecture. Okay so some of my less educated classmates found the film 'irritating' and 'of no relevance' but I'm not now and didn't think I'd ever be friends with them anyway *sticks nose in the air* hpmh :p How can you not appreciate the effort, thought and beauty that's gone into making Chaplin's masterpieces!?

I've got a little pile of homework waiting for me in my notepad :s which mostly consists of having to read this and that as another introduction to each course... ZZzZzzz... but it has to be done!

For now,

C ♥

24th Sep, 2007

dancing gene kelly

I'm in, unpacked and Russell T Davies has said hello!

It's official I'm a student! And not only am I student but I'm a Cardiffian student! SQUEE

*cough* I can't believe I'm actually sitting here looking out at Cardiff through my little flat window. I can see the bay and the millenium centre... it's so cool!

Met some wonderful people since I've been here but unfortunately I haven't seen hide nor hair of my actual flatmates. But I have made friends with Russell T Davies lol okay when I say friends I actually mean I've bumped into him twice in three days, the first time literally and today he said hello! And both times I just went huminahuminahelo *facepalm*

Maybe I'll see him again and speak a little more coherently!

The weather is ATROCIOUS atm seriously shocking! It's gone from bright and sunny to terrential rain in ten seconds flat! :( And that's why I'm being really sad and staying in tonight!!

C ♥

21st Sep, 2007

salute lottl

Eek UNI! I'm off pobl! Who knows when I'll return...

Next weekend most probably, I'm just being melodramatic... as usual!

But seriously I'm feeling ashamed for not crying more when all my mates have been in tears because we're all (well most of us) are off in different directions. I cried more on Wednesday when I saw Les Miz for the second time in like a month. This time I was a wreck! It didn't help that I had a mate and sister on either side snivelling because it was their first time :'(

Bloody typical that my bestest friend is going in the opposite direction when she almost ended up sharing digs!! I think I'll be chippping in for her fare to come and vist me so she can come as often as possible! Because let's face it who wants to go to Carmarthen when she could come to Cardiff XD If she asked me to visit her though I'd be there in a second! Love You Siriol ♥ Why didn't we get together sooner?


Hope I can get the internet service I want no need! lol

C ♥

1st Sep, 2007


At the end of the day, there's another day dawning....


Had THE most incredible experience on Wednesday when a bus load of old biddies, 11 younguns and I travelled to London to see Les Miserables!

The occasion was that Mr John Owen-Jones who resides just down the road from me is playing Jean Valjean at this very moment in time and his family had managed to arrange a trip with a little money off!!

So off my mate Ethan and I set from Felinfoel Co-op carpark at the ungodly hour of 7:15am for a 3 and 1/2 hour bus journey to fair London town. After arriving we enjoyed an English McDonald's :p and I literally bumped into Matt from Busted :s

Moments before we were set to walk into the theatre the brother of one of the girls we were with LOST HIS TICKET! He had it for all of ten minutes and friggin lost it! So we snuck him in :D and it worked!! As we took our seats one of the adults remembered suddenly that 'oh you're allowed backstage afterwards by the way' o.O

The show was PHENOMENAL and surpassed all my expectations! I've had all the songs on a constant loop in my head. John definately made the show with his magnificent and awe-inspiring voice! I was streaming after his rendition of Bring Him Home and the Finale had both Ethan and I blubbing into our tissues! We instantly rose from our seats, the first in the house, and soon everyone else followed suit until every seat was empty. The applause went on for ages until everyone's hands were sore and after a special wave to his Hometown Support he disappeared and it was all over! 3 hours GONE in a flash!

Jean Valjean's Soliloquy

Bring Him Home

So we, the kids and the teens, quickly made our way outside and we're shown the stage door where for a second John popped his head out of a window above us and there was a little wave of squeaks then we were admitted with 'thpethal' stickers allowing us through the back door. Before we got to see John we also met the rest of the cast including Gary Watson, Marius, which was the point where the girls went all shy and also we caught a glimpse of Hans Peter Janseens, Javert, as he ran through our little crowd. THEN we met The Dude!

Ethan :D

Moi XD

And then the most bizarre thing happened! He followed us back to the bus!! It was quite surreal seeing him walking up and down the aisle talking to all the old ladies!

All in all a rather successful day out!!!

Two, Four, Six, Oh, WAAAAAAAN!

C ♥

p.s Etan spotted the man himself, Patrick Stewart, in a convertable as we were getting ready to leave!!

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